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The Mat Knit Cat Ear Nails

$35.00 USD

The Knit Cat ear Nails has come which fits this season?™The adulty girly Pink Beige goes good skin acquaintance.?IThis is individual and perfect one with cutiness which may be the recommendation Nails which may be?useful in daily lives and Dates and for events, Longsleve Kimono?for the celebration of passage to 20?in Japan event.??™
The Nailist?Fmoimeko

■made of 100% UV gel
■Professional Japanese manicurists
■Harajuku/Kawaii style nails
■size guide- on the images
fake nails size guide
fale nails size guide

Glue is not included but the doube-sided nail tapes for 2 times come with the set of nails. We do recommend to use nail tapes not glue so that you can reuse fake nails for good.

To apply our false nails, just press over nail bed after tape has been applied, press firmly then the fake nails will fit your nails on. It is pretty much easy! You make sure to choose and apply a right size nail.

Definitely perfect for your special day, party, event, cosplay, photo shooting day etc ; )

Feel free to contact us by email or message at any time if you have any questions.

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