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About our fake nails

■It is the first time to use fake nails! How can I apply them?

Go watch the 30sec short video below, which shows how to apply our artificial nails so that you will be ready to apply them : ) *This video is filmed after our staff washed her hands up with some hand soap which are not contained oil. More details are below!


1. Trim your nails/ file your nails
We recommend you that you trim your nails short and get them have smooth edges with using a nail file to be held onto more.

2. Wash your hands up to clean your nails and dry all your fingernails
All your nails have to be clean to apply fake nails and stay longer them on your natural nails. You should wash your nails up with non-oliy hand soap. Your fake nails will fall off easily if your finger nails are oily or sticky.

3. Push your cuticles back
After you wash your hands up and your nails are all clean, push back your cuticles so that fake nails  look more fabulous on your nails and stay longer ! 


■I don't know how to measure my nails. Can you give me the explanation of measuring my nails?

You need a measuring tape which you can get at any stationery shop or supermarket to measure your nails accurately.
You wrap measuring tape over the widest point of your nail like on the photo.

We recommend to pick up the 1mm bigger ones If you are not exactly sure about your nail sizes between the lines of 1mm.

Also we highly recommend you to measure ALL fingers, many people have different size of nails on each hand.  


■How long do fake nails on my real nails last?

They last for a day to a couple of days with adhesive tabs. Given keeping your nails clean and good condition, we highly recommend you to keep them for just one day not more than a couple of days or a week. 


■Can I reuse them?

Absolutely ! : ) You can reuse them like for good as long as you use them with adhensive tabs. If you apply them with glue, we are afraid you can reuse them many times so we highly recommend you to use nail seals instead of glue.


■What can I use to apply them on my nails?

You can use both nail tabs and glue though, we recommend you to use not glue but nail tabs so that you can reuse fake nails multiple times also keep your real nails less damaged than using glue.


■How long does it take to get my order?

We take 14 days to make fake nails both domestic and international orders. Our items are usually delivered within 2-5 days to Asia, 3- 6 days to Oceania and the Middle East, 4-6 days to Europe, North and Central America , 6-7 days to North America and Africa.
So it takes around 19 days to get your parchase if you are in Asia, 20 days in Oceania, Europe, North and Central America, 21 days in North America and Africa.


■Don't they fall off easily with nails tabs compared to using glue? 

You don't have to worry about it : ) As long as you follow the instruction of the video  -how to apply airtificial nails- above, they will firmly keep sticking to your real nails ! ; )


■Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry you cannot cancel your order once you purchase our fake nails because it is automatically sent to our manicurists after your payment succeeds and manufactured at the time of the order. 


■Can I refund my package? 

We refund you the total amount of your order ONLY when you received the wrong items or your items arrived damaged. Please email us with pictures of your damaged item within 3 days after you receive your items if your order arrived damaged or broken.


■I don't get the confirmation email after I ordered.

We are sorry about it. Please contact us via email or other following ways.
Facebook: MiCHi MALL
Twitter: @michi_nails