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About Us

We are michi Inc., selling a set of handmade fake nails here in Tokyo, japan. We have been in our business since 2013. We have over 100 Professional Japanese manicurists who are engaged in house work for their childcare and have some reasons can't work at nail salons even though they are professional with great skills and have huge passion to make beautiful nails. They make the cutest and highest quality handmade fake nails ever. 

All of our fake nails are inspired by current and upcoming Japanese fashion trends and made of 100% UV-gel( some people call it Calgel), which is the type of gels becomes hardened by curing under an ultraviolet light. They look pretty much natural and glossy than other types of cosmetic nails!

We all devoted to make all of our customers have smile on their face every single day with our kawaii nails! ; )

 Stay fashionable! Let's get connected with us!

Facebook: MiCHi MALL

Instagram: @michi_nail